Technology Consulting

– Providing Business Knowledge to support Technology Management in organisations

Xelink provides expert knowledge and experience to support technology management in organisations, in particular in the financial industry (Banking, Asset Management and Capital Markets) and the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

Key areas of expertise are banking multi-channel applications, portfolio management, trading systems, risk management and fraud detection, document management, customer information and relationship management, electronic data transfer.

Organizational Challenges

In their recovery from the financial crisis of the past years, companies are in a period of strategic transformation. Whatever the shapes and sizes, institutions are faced with a wide range of issues simultaneously:

  • Latest technology or regulatory trends: regaining customer confidence with a customer centric approach, integrating mobile banking and mobile payment, adopting social media, and coping with regulatory issues and standard migrations such as Basel, SEPA, SWIFT ISO 20022.
  • Transition of the technology architectures to next-generation capabilities: implementing fully electronic banking, filling manual gaps and delivering straight-through, efficient business processes, enterprise-level integration and management of data.

In that respect, companies need to react more rapidly and provide their customers and partners with more comprehensive and integrated services. They require expert knowledge to quicken their time-to-market while implementing solutions to exchange, aggregate and process in real-time large amounts of data.


With a strong experience in the financial industry and fast-moving consumer good industry, Xelink has a good awareness of relevant business issues, challenges, regulations and standards. In addition, our consultants are trained and/or certified on widely-accepted technology governance standards, especially in strategic Business/IT Alignment and Project Management. Strategic business/IT alignment covers several tasks, which include business requirement analysis, application portfolio management, software architecture, process engineering and assessment, service management. Project Management covers all tasks related to leading projects and managing deadlines and deliverables with efficient communication, budget and people.  

Our consultants understand your business and the relationships with partners, customers and other organizations, in order to:

  • Lead collaboration workshops with all stakeholders, define requirements and scopes
  • Design a clear and comprehensive business model to support technology adoption
  • Manage complex projects while ensuring the respect of time, quality, cost, scope and risk
  • Integrate technology solutions that cover business requirements and comply with the technical and regulatory environments
  • Manage solution testing and delivery ensuring that the entire system is accepted by users
  • Lead integration tests before launching the system into production


  • Cost-effective approach with the only objective to bring added-value to the business.
  • Bridge the gap between the business and the IT department.


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